Who is eligible to apply?

LIVE is open to singers, rappers, musicians, groups and bands, ages 12 - 25, permanently residing in Canada or the United States
∙ All musical genres welcome

Does everyone get selected?

∙ No. LIVE is limited to approximately 15 acts per concert. We base selections on the following criteria: (1) vocal ability, (2) showmanship and (3) overall potential

Any tips / suggestions for my audition video before I apply?

· Original songs or cover versions will be evaluated the same way. Whatever song you choose to showcase, make sure it properly reflects how you want to be perceived as an artist
· Make sure your audition video is well lit and shows your face. We are evaluating your skills for a performance opportunity after all
· Instagram and YouTube links are always preferred. Soundcloud, Spotify, iCould and GoogleDrive not so much
· Showcase your best qualities towards the beginning of your audition video. In other words, keep it short and to the point since we don't often watch / listen past the one-minute mark (if we're being honest!)
· Try to avoid performing in acapella. We usually favour performances with music (i.e. backing tracks, instruments, etc.) 
· No need to make your audition video fancy or high budget. As long as we are able to hear / see you clearly.

Is there a fee?

∙ It's free to submit an application 
∙ If selected, certain fees may apply to help cover the perks you are eligible to receive, including private coaching sessions & professionally edited footage of your performance
∙ Further details will be provided, if selected

When will new concert dates be announced?

∙ Due to the current health crisis surrounding COVID-19, plans for our upcoming tour have been temporarily suspended. We look forward to resuming operations as soon as government bans on public events and concerts have been lifted

If selected, do I perform originals or cover songs?

∙ Either is fine, as long as your true artistry and sound is properly reflected in your performance

How will I know if I got selected?

∙ While we appreciate everyone who expresses interest in our program, we will only notify applicants who have been selected
∙ The selection process will remain open until such time that we can safely resume operations

Am I responsible for covering my own travel expenses?

Yes. If selected, you are responsible for covering your own travel, accommodation and meal expenses in connection with any and all Talent Nation events/activities

Are Talent Nation concerts open to the public? Where can guests purchase their tickets?

LIVE concerts are open to a public audience, including friends, relatives and supporters of selected performers
∙ Tickets may only be purchased online through our private ticket portal, shared with each performer following their selection
∙ The cost per ticket ranges between $15 - $45 (subject to applicable taxes and fees), depending on the venue in which the event is being hosted
∙ To facilitate an intimate concert environment, each act is expected to promote their performance to the best of their ability. Minimum ticket quotas may apply

What type of benefits might I gain from this opportunity?

∙ Professional stage experience in sold out venues
∙ Rehearsals and performance training with accomplished coaches
∙ High quality footage of your set to share online for further exposure
∙ Exposure with new fans and industry leaders
∙ Connections with other likeminded artists and influencers
∙ &&& much, much more!

How many days would I need to commit to Talent Nation? 

LIVE takes place over the course of an entire weekend. Other than preparing and rehearsing on your own time in the weeks leading up to the experience, selected acts are only expected to commit to two days of in-person activities; Saturday (Rehearsals) and Sunday (Soundcheck, Meet & Greet and Live Performance). 
∙ Scheduled times and locations will be emailed to you, if selected

Will I be required to sign any contracts if I get selected?

∙ Nope

Can I learn more about Talent Nation?

∙ Our team is made up of music lovers and accomplished industry professionals, all of whom are dedicated to building platforms that support the growth and development of independent artists worldwide
∙ The company was founded back in 2012 by music executive Mike Goldfarb. His successful track record for discovering and breaking new acts includes Carlie Hanson, who he signed to Warner Records following the success of her debut single 'Only One' (100+ million streams). The opportunities keep pouring in for Carlie, who gained further notoriety opening on international tours alongside Troye Sivan, Lauv & Yungblud
∙ Other notable acts who have come through our program include Malachi (Universal/Republic Records), Laye (Sony Music), Alex Porat (Wednesday Management), Jayde (The Launch), Vivian Hicks (American Idol) and more!
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